For those of you who struggle with loving your body
and KNOW there has to be a better way

Who know there's got to be more to it than just eat less/exercise more


See below what the following experts are going to share are the REAL reasons you struggle with being happy with your body - it's not about calories or willpower!

Thanks a lot for organizing this telesummit for us, it’s really great and the topic is great! I’m 32 y.o. And I’m slimming (or trying to…) since I was 12 y.o., I’ve always been obsessed with my weight (even if it’s not that critical – 10 kg extra) and I’ve always been an emotional eater. It’s for the 1st time in my life that I start to understand how to overcome this (and that it’s not too late! I always thought it was too late for me with so many years of constant overeating). I love every single call and I’m looking forward to the next speakers.

Natalia, Moscow, Russia

First let me say a big THANK YOU! for this event.

I especially like the length of the sessions (long enough to be packed with content, but not overwhelming in length) and the spacing of the interviews (enough time lapse for listening, taking notes, pondering and beginning to use what resonated).

I am 65 years old and have struggled with my weight since age 7 or 8. Thanks to the information presented in these sessions, I no longer feel enslaved to food or the scales.

Linda, Oklahoma

Here’s what past participants in Women’s Empowerment Telesummits
hosted by Aimee Serafini have had to say:

Your Loving Life Loving Food series has been incredible – probably the best webinar series I have ever been on. When one of your speakers doesn’t quite know how to get their point across, you step in and ask well- informed questions to get them back on track. Your interview skills are amazing!

Susan, Saint Paul, Minnesota

I have so enjoyed all the interviews!! Thank you for how you did the interviews too, with time to listen, not too many at once!! :)

Kerry, Mobile, Alabama

I am finding the Loving Food Loving Life very interesting, educating and enjoyable. Most other online conferences miss certain pieces of the puzzle. Loving Food Loving Life is a very complete and comprehensive one. Well done!

Marisa, Madrid, Spain

These are fantastic speakers and so applicable both to myself and to my patients thank you, thank you thank you!

Diane O, Wisconsin

I have thoroughly enjoyed every single speaker that you interviewed and have received a lot of interesting information. I also LOVE your personality and enthusiasm.

Kristie, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I am a young listener, I have been listening to the recordings so far and must say I’m loving the idea of it all! I felt I was at a stage where I was having health problems & just generally not feeling good about myself as if there was a ‘hole’ inside of me..I started searching for what was going to fill that hole and everyday I’ve had signs that have shown me in the right direction..including these recording have helped me learn & realise a lot. So I’d like to thank you for this great idea :)

Grita, United Kingdom

Thank you so much Aimee … I’m so glad for your teleseminars … they’ve been eye opening and so very helpful. I’ve been searching for answers for a long time … years … and I finally feel like I’m heading in a better direction!

Ang, Florida

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for setting these amazing talks up. I have emailed family and friends, so that they too can benefit. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been so incredibly impressed with the diversity and quality of the speakers. This is really wonderful and I hope to get a chance to listen to your next one too!

Isobel, California

If you are tired of struggling, yo-yoing, and fighting with your body, learn from these experts how to treat the cause, not the symptoms

I hope you join us so that YOU can love your AMAZING BODY!