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Lynn-WaldropLynn Waldrop 

As a Medical Intuitive, she is known as “The Body Channel” and energetically dives into the each of the

body systems of her client (such as the nervous system, organ systems…). The body talks to her showing her areas of “dis-ease” AND the means to change it while she is in there! Lynn is the Creator of “The Body Channel”, a Certified Color Therapy & Tuning Fork Master, Reiki Master & Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. Lynn empowers her clients to create and generate change in their own life & body – life is like Play Doh, if you don’t like what you have created, laugh at it, smash it, and create something new!

Lynn Waldrop

Body Channeling

MaiyahMaiyah Olivas

A healer with over 30 years of experience and advanced training in over 30 modalities, Maiyah Olivas holds the rank of Third Degree Black Belt and Certified Advanced Therapeutic Qi Gong Instructor. Known as “the Queen of Age Reversal,” and “the Ninja of Transmutation” she’s worked with over 3000 people to improve their emotional, financial and physical situations, often instantaneously! She loves synthesizing new techniques with ancient secrets to create miracles on a daily basis such as: shrinking tumors, reversing diabetes, reviving necrotic tissue and ending decades-long back pain and migraines. When not working with private clients, developing problem-solving products or teaching cutting-edge classes, Maiyah can be found working with at-risk youth in her local afterschool program, teaching ukulele and keyboard.

Maiyah Olivas

Fat Transmutation

MiaMia Den Haan

As an internationally known Spiritual Healer and Channel for Spirit, Mia receives information directly from your Soul’s highest level of wisdom. She can receive guidance for any issues, personal or family matters or business. She receives information about your body and mental, emotional and spiritual planes, karmic issues or your genetic lineage.

With her gift Mia has helped many, including young children improve any aspect, such as improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, improve cognition with young children, more harmonious relationships, work issues, purpose in life and development of spiritual gifts.

On occasion she will receive predictions such as the ones about the weather which were documented in an earlier published book she authored.

Mia is also a certified Life and Business Coach with many years of practical business experience as a business owner an employer since 1990. As a healer she trained as a Reiki Master, Seichim Healer, Zenna Healer and Reconnective Healing and Shell essence and several flower essence ranges.

She received this special Healing method, called Your Divine Soul Essence™, in 2002 through her ability to channel Spirit. She has since used this method, which includes both your Soul Essence and Spirit, as the main modality in her healing practice.

Mia’s gift is that she hears directly from your highest Soul level what lies at the core of any issue and will, with help of her healing gift, clear this at all levels of being.

Mia Den Haan

Spiritual Weight Loss

carol-p1Carol Look

EFT Master Carol Look has been a pioneer and leading voice in the EFT community for 17 years. Before becoming an EFT Master, Carol was trained as a Clinical Social Worker and earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Carol is recognized and respected around the globe as a premier success and abundance coach, inspiring people to attract abundance into their lives by using EFT and the Law of Attraction to clear limiting beliefs and build prosperity consciousness.

Carol Look


Here's what people are saying from past years of the Loving Food Loving Life event

I have received a great deal of help, insights and encouragement from merely listening


I want to thank you for producing these interviews about weight. I am on a severely restricted disability income so taking the paid trainings isn't available to me. I have received a great deal of help, insights and encouragement from merely listening to the free interviews and want to share how deeply grateful I am for this privilege. THANK YOU!

  – Melissa D. 

I no longer feel enslaved to food or the scales


First let me say a big THANK YOU! for this event. I am 65 years old and have struggled with my weight since age 7 or 8. Thanks to the information presented in these sessions, I no longer feel enslaved to food or the scales.

- Linda, Oklahoma

looked forward to each and every interview 


This was a wonderful summit! It covered so many different aspects of our lives, and had a lot of useful information. I really liked it, and actually looked forward to each and every interview (something I’ve never done in any other summit). Thanks for putting this together!

Megha, California

 I have recently healed at the very deepest levels thanks to these amazing calls


Dear Aimee - You have had a tremendous impact on my life! Your gift of healing and the guests you invite to your shows are totally amazing! Your gifts are beyond description. I can't even begin to list the awesome results and miraculous changes I've experienced as a result of this magnificent energy.
After incurring tremendous debt by working with therapists for PTSD, I have recently healed at the very deepest levels thanks to these amazing calls and the healers you interview. You're all incredibly gifted and so gracious and generous in sharing. Since emotion transcends words and language, I hope you can feel how thankful I am to you all! May you be blessed in every aspect of life.

- CHD, Los Angeles, California

I have really upped the quality of my life


You are such an inspiration to me!!! I have really upped the quality of my life because of all the resources that I have received from you. My heart felt gratitude to you for all that you are doing. I deeply appreciate it.

Su, Virginia

 I’ve been searching for answers for a long time


I’m so glad for your teleseminars … they’ve been eye opening and so very helpful. I’ve been searching for answers for a long time … years … and I finally feel like I’m heading in a better direction!

Angelique, Florida

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  • How often do you judge yourself against others and find yourself lacking?
  • Do you feel like you let yourself down?

It’s time to re-train that voice in our head from being our Own Worst Critic to our Own Best Friend. Someone who encourages and supports us instead of browbeats and criticizes us. In this book, you will learn a simple, fun technique to start the process. It only takes a few minutes a day.

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In this boutique event we have especially curated 7 speakers that will give you the a-has you've been searching for about why your weight has been such a struggle.

What you’ll learn:

  • It's not about Willpower

    You aren’t to blame. It’s not about lack of willpower. There are much deeper energetic and emotional reasons that you are holding on to excess weight.

  • Your cravings are a diagnostic tool

    Find out what your cravings are teaching you. Because learning the lessons they have for you can help you with all areas of your life.

  • Love Your Body no matter what

    It’s so easy to disparage our body if isn’t perfect by society’s standard – learn to love your body no matter what it looks like or how it presents itself to the world – so important before you can make any lasting changes!

  • Past Traumas play a big part

    Most people struggling with their weight have traumas from their childhood. Many obvious like sexual violation, but some not so obvious. Find out what yours are.

  • Fat doesn't have to be a dirty word!

    Most of us hate the word fat – but it has been protecting you! Trying its best for you. Learn why you feel you need fat as a protection.

  • Be the Authentic You

    Your body wants to express the real, true you.  Learn to let go of the reasons you haven’t let it so that you can shine as the wonderful person you are.

  • ... and much more

This Online Summit is for you if you want to:

  • Stop the dieting rollercoaster
  • Quit obsessing about food
  • Release extra pounds you no longer need
  • Love your body


About Lynn Waldrop Body BFF energy work:

Before working with Lynn, "I was really frustrated with menopausal weight gain - hormonal issues not being addressed by doctors. I knew that I had subconscious issues that needed to be addressed - knew what to eat but didn't always comply - same with movement. I had uncontrollable hunger & cravings often, not long after eating." After 10 weeks: "I am 6 kgs (13 lbs) lighter & move more freely now. Congested areas in both legs have almost gone. A persistent (years) knot in my left shoulder has gone. My face, neck & shoulder areas have slimmed down. My hunger & cravings are no longer a problem. I am satisfied with smaller portions & actually want healthy food choices. I am more energised & feel really good within myself!!!"

Margaret L., Australia


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