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Become BFFs with your Body!

with Lynn Waldrop

As a Medical Intuitive, she is known as “The Body Channel” and energetically dives into the each of the body systems of her client (such as the nervous system, circulatory systems…). The body talks to her showing her areas of “dis-ease” AND the means to change it while she is in there! Lynn is the Creator of “The Body Channel”, a Certified Color Therapy & Tuning Fork Master, Reiki Master & Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. Lynn empowers her clients to create and generate change in their own life & body – life is like Play Doh, if you don’t like what you have created, laugh at it, smash it, and create something new!

Lynn's Special Offer

Here is a 2nd Encore call with Lynn
we did after the original interview - a LOT more clearings

Become BFFs with Your Body!

  • Heal the ENERGY of what's holding you back
  • Clear Past Lives, Ancestry, and Entities - which can be a big piece of the puzzle!
  • Heal your body's weight regulation systems
  • Speed up Your Metabolism
  • Negotiate with your body so you co-create something amazing
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