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Arathi Ma

Arathi Ma has worked in the field of medicine and healing for altogether 36 years; first as a nurse and for the last 26 yrs as a healer. She has the unique gift to shift consciousness, while transmitting presence and source energy for healing and self-realization. She helped transform lives, which includes health of the body, mind, soul, career, relationships, finances, ancestors, entities, animals, earth, environment, and more. At the age of ten, she experienced herself as pure cosmic consciousness, at age seventeen, she began a serious yoga practice that propelled her three times into a state of full absorption. She has medically proven to be able to live off sun and star light to a great degree and is known as “Someone who introduces you to the realm of the ‘impossible made possible."

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Happy Hormones & Weight

  • Reset your hormones and energy centres/chakras
  • Step into a peaceful relationship with your body
  • Correct metabolism on all levels of your being and lose weight
  • Open to and increase mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Eliminate stress levels, panic attacks, anxiety, trauma, obsessions
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